Wealth of Opportunity

Our friends at the Republic of Everyone asked for our help to create a chalkboard installation which would unfold in the week leading up the “Wealth of Opportunity” event at the new NAB building in Docklands, Melbourne. It needed to tell the different stories of how NAB helps and invests in different communities and groups.

Once we’d condensed the stories and finished the design we teamed up with Melbourne comic book artists Ben Hutchings, David Blumenstein and Rebecca Clements to bring the plan to life, proving chalk is the new black.Spreading the drawing over 4 days we drew in the peak periods of foot traffic, generating interest in both what we were doing and what the programme had achieved.

The launch was a success and after a week the installation was removed to reveal NAB’s new “Branch of the Future” which had been built behind it.

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Agency: Republic of Everyone
Head of Design: Giles Kershaw
Agency Producer: Monica Batchelder
Creative Director: Matt Taylor
Account Manager: Emily Simmons
Producer: Kate Kazokas
Designer: Matt Taylor
Chalk Artists: Matt Taylor, Ben Hutchings, David Blumenstein and Rebecca Clements

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