NSW Health

Health and Training Institute: Core Chat

CORE chat lays out a process and guidelines to help people to speak their minds in a respectful and solution-focused way before a crisis erupts. HETI needed a way to introduce the concept and explain CORE chat to the broader 100,000 plus audience across the 16 LHDNs in New South Wales.

We used a strong visual style with bold colours and engaging animation to give the video a positive and revelatory tone, creating a video that was not only useful and informative but fun to watch as well.


Senior Account Manager: Emily Simmons
Producer: Jacqui Guillemot
Assistant Producer: Bheki Mkwananzi
Copywriter: Nick Richardson
Creative Director: Gillian O’Connor
Animators: Gillian O’Connor, Robert Pregadt-Paur
Sound Design: Noiselab

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