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Problem: I have a new product/service

“So it’s just like Google maps, right?”
“Actually, no, it’s quite different.”

Potential customers weren’t grasping the true value of Nearmap’s high resolution photos, maps and other online satellite imagery tools.

So Nearmap, who are one of Australia’s leading software companies, asked us to help explain what made their high precision aerial imagery service unique. They wanted to demonstrate Nearmap’s broad range of industrial applications, from property to construction, from rail to solar.

A video to explain a new software product like this needs to give context and purpose without getting bogged down in technicalities. What was important was to show what Nearmap could do, leaving the instructional information for later. We recorded Australian and North American voiceovers as they were launching in the States too. We’ve since gone on to create testimonial and demo videos explaining the What, How and Why of the Nearmap service.

The videos have been used at conferences, as sales tools and to help Nearmap warm up their audience as they roll out internationally. It’s good example of how to sell software these days, and we look forward to watching Nearmap plot their course to international success.


Further Nearmap work


Creative Director: Matt Taylor
Senior Account Manager: Emily Simmons
Producer: Jacqui Guillemot
Art Director: Darryn Rogers
Animator: Darryn Rogers
Motion Graphics: Chris Phillips, Derek Lau
Sound Design: Noiselab

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