"Everyday Choices" YouTube campaign

Problem: I want to find a new audience

Life insurance has a poor public perception - 95% of Australians will insure their cars, whilst only 5% will insure their lives.

Choosi wanted to shift this balance with an online campaign that looked and worked differently to their existing TV ads.

We created a series of engaging character animated pieces which compared the amount of time people spent thinking about insuring their lives with other, more interesting but less important life choices – such as choosing pizza toppings.


Online video is quite a different beast to TV advertising and the audience must be entertained, not sold to. We worked closely with Choosi to develop nine new 30 second videos for Youtube mastheads, landing pages, emails, banners and social media.

The results pleasantly surprised not just Choosi but also Google. The YouTube masthead strategy is now a permanent fixture on Choosi’s media map and Google itself uses the campaign as a sales case study.

“We had an increase in CTR for top of an average of four times greater than expected in objectives, which shocked even Google (& delighted us).”

Aaron Fuller, Head of Digital, Hollard Group

Following the success of the videos, our animated characters have now become the face of Choosi’s site, social media and TV campaigns.

Further Choosi work...


Creative Director: Matt Taylor
Producer: Ali Ford, Bheki Mkwananzi
Character Design: Matt Taylor
Animator: Evan Newby, Robert Pregardt
Motion Graphics: Nathan Turner, Jethro Lawrence
Writer: David Westgate & Matt Taylor 

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